Okt 24

Bright sunlight in the morning, pouring on,
long red woman hairs, length of the shoulders,
a speck of black blood there, a remnant of demise,
was little, now no more, brother of hers,
it truly was a glorious day, sunny and such, so nice.

A grim future, a purple moon in the sky,
oh, the painless agony! – hidden no more,
no divine power could, nor would,
lock it from the world, back to, behind the broken door,
a terrible monster, a greater evil, bring doom to us all.

Still, no battle has, yet, been fought,
chosen wisely, she was, perhaps in naught,
you could see deepest fears, deep, down in her eyes,
worst desires, one’s phantoms, on her careless mind,
oh, god, stop her pain, she must be going mad!

Not a spark of good, a glitter of hope,
a father’s strength, a mother’s love,
no other refuge, no haven for her burning flesh,
a quick decision, scream of pain, a swift death,
corrupted might, forever forsaken and banned.

I see birds, singing in the evening mist,
only a young woman missing amidst,
truly it was, no matter what they say,
of them – the darkest day!

[Depra. Kaj češ.]


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