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Nov 24

Vsaj ena dobra stvar gospodarske krize – na Sweet 16 ne bodo mel starci več dnarja za partije, avte in preživnino.

Nov 14

I say Armaggedon comes now! No, now! Now?! Uhm, now? How about … now?

Nov 01

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There’s a difference between being grumpy and hating every little fucker in existence.

Okt 28

Eat, drink or blow cock, no difference there – it all goes down your throat!

Okt 26

If I’d go to a nude camp, you could use me as a coathanger, just not my head…

Sep 21

“Life’s a bitch. Well, then, LET’S FUCK IT IN THE ASS!”

Sep 21


“In the end we found and crushed over 15,000 bugs in Baldur’s Gate II. Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved in QA of Baldur’s Gate II we were able to ship a giant game with no significant bugs. ”

Teh source

Sep 20

“Nehi s tem, k me v brke zebe!”

Sep 17

[Nekje, kjer je veliko folka in večinoma tišina (konferenca, seminar, učilnica ipd) nekdo na glas zakriči:]


Sep 12

“Not with a bang, I’d go with a black hole!”

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